Born July 1, 2013

Bruce is our first Boerboel. He was bred by Mark Fallis of Magacol SA Boerboels located in Florida, United States. He is out of Copperhead Kovu and Alpine Lion’s Etta Mae. Bruce has a very athletic build and is anything but a couch potato. He is at his happiest when he gets to play outside and wrestle. He also has such a sweet temperament. He is very in tune with our emotions and his environment. He just wants to please.

He unfortunately was diagnosed with Blastomycosis back in February 2015 when he was about 1.5 years old, and as a result had to have his eye removed. Blastomycosis is a fungal infection that results from the inhalation of fungal spores from the air. We believe that he caught this infection while running around through the woods while visiting friends up at the cottage. This disease is not hereditary nor genetic, and other than giving him a little extra personality, we do not think that missing an eye has effected him whatsoever.

Bruce was appraised through NABBA at 23 months and achieved a score of 88.4%. He has been filling out nicely since his appraisal. We are looking forward to getting him reappraised possibly in Spring or Fall of 2018.

Bruce is currently available for stud to select and healthy females. Fresh and frozen semen is also available.

*PLEASE NOTE – Bruce is a carrier of the Canine Multi-focal Retinopathy (CRM) gene. He is recessive, therefore he is not affected. However, he can pass this gene on to his puppies. Therefore, females that wish to be bred with him should be tested for CMR1 as well. If they are also carriers of the gene, we will not allow them to breed with him. In rare cases, dogs that are affected by this disease can lose their vision. This is not a life threatening disease, however this is not risk we are willing to take and hope you understand. He is free and clear of all other genetic issues tested through Embark DNA.*



OFA Hip Certificate
OFA Hip Certificate


OFA Elbow Certificate
OFA Elbow Certificate


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